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Originating from England I trained at the Royal College of Art in London
and graduated with a Masters in Design. I ran Design Studios in London, the 

Bahamas, and Miami, Florida. Each new country, as diverse as they were, 

provided the opportunity to create gardens for myself and clients. 

After relocating to New England in 1991, I combined the skills I learned
throughout my career as a designer with the knowledge and experience
I had building gardens in various climates.

I studied at the Harvard Landscape Institute. Since then I have worked with 

clients on landscaping projects in all regions of New England, successfully 

transforming landscapes with creative and distinctive designs. 


I strive to create unique and original designs that reflect the serenity and 

peace you are seeking. Rooms within a landscape that mirror your lifestyle 

and renew your spirit.
The garden must first be prepared in the soul or else it will not flourish - 
English Proverb