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I believe a garden should suit your lifestyle and personality this being 

expressed through color, balance, shape and texture.

To achieve this, I meet with you for an initial consultation, encouraging you 

to express your own visions. I ask questions regarding lifestyle, long term 

goals and budget. Working with this information I formulate an initial design 

along with sketches and a draft layout, which with your approval will be the 

basis for the final design. 

My areas of expertise consist of formulating master plans to include the 

design of related structures and hardscape, the design and installation of 

Perennial Gardens, and co-ordinating any construction or hardscape involved 

in the project. 


I install your garden, hardscape, paths or walls with a professional crew
who are knowledgable and respect the landscape they work in.
Life begins the day you start a garden -
Chinese Proverb